Favorite Song

A young man is on his way, he doesn’t know where. He cant look up. He just left a friend’s house and does not necessarily want to walk but his body is following his wondering mind. He took a shortcut to the least amount of lights he could find. This leads him to an empty highway,”I guess it’s going to be a long walk,” he whispers to himself.

It has been the quickest fifteen minute walk he can remember when a text stops the fluidity of his mind. “Where u at bro?!” In his mind he doesn’t care enough to reply back, but he has to remember to be a person and tell himself he has feelings enough to text back.

First he plays a song, it’s his favorite song; Favorite Song by Chance The Rapper. The lyrics aren’t exactly soul nourishing but this kid would fight you if you said it wasn’t a good song. His favorite song.

Like water coming out of a faucet his mind lets go of many ideas he doesn’t ever talk about. He goes on to think about what his life would be if he didn’t listen to rap music. How much the owner of Steak ‘N’ Shake makes. How much he hates his job at Steak ‘N’ Shake. What time is it?

The music turned off ten minutes ago. He realizes it has been another fifteen minutes since his friend has texted him. He looks up and sees a cop car on the other side of the highway. His mind is racing. The cop car’s taillights are just a blur. The grass more vivid than he has ever seen. Maybe because this cop happens to have his searchlight directly on the young man.

The young man stops as the police officer comes to a halt, leaving rubber on damp road. The police officer approaches the man and touches him on the back.” How are you tonight kid?” The young man feels a vibration, he looks down at his phone.

“Yo, u still got that weed bro?”



One comment

  1. Rob Moses Photography · September 17, 2014

    Nice picture 🙂


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