Just to Press Buttons

I am happy to say that I am a photographer. There have been many times I have had to get up into buildings, on top or roofs, or lean down from bridges just to press buttons. However, sometimes shots just come to you. This shot jumped at me while I was waiting in traffic. I regretted not getting out of the car to get a better shot but, the more I thought about it and analyzed it the more I liked it.

It was a warm, humid night that I brought my camera over to a friend’s house. I shoot with a Canon t3i and this particular photo was taken with an 18mm to 55mm telephoto lens.

I have learned in my time taking photos that prime lenses are obviously better to shoot with but that is if you know exactly what you will be shooting. In this case I had no idea what I would shoot, there are too many things to choose from. What I’ve learned is telephoto or “zoom lenses” don’t specialize in anything particular, but they can pass for just about anything.

While taking photos I have learned many things online and by doing. Most of the shots I am attracted to happen to be landscape and I feel I have been getting better at them. One thing I am trying to learn at this time is portrait photography. When I say portrait photography it is more of a struggle learning how to control the flash. Letting out the perfect amount of light is tricky and does not show up in landscape photography. If you are also learning more about dslr flash photography, check out the link below.



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