Mr. Rogers

Feeling apart of something makes someone feel connected. However, sometimes we need to take a step away from the people, stop looking for free wifi for your laptop, stop window shopping, or whatever the case may be. It is only when we take that step back and look from the outside, for us to feel a true connection to people really is.

Deep in the alleys of this city, the restaurants, and even the “important” business people you can find in that tower, can all be helpless or lost or both. When we get caught up in the importance of life it is usually to make big, dramatic decisions. These are often the times we feel the most helpless.

When taking this photo I could not help but to think of my childhood. It reminded me of the times I would sit Indian-Style and watch Mr. Rogers. This memory helped me come to the realization that we often feel alone and helpless. Simultaneously I realized that if these people took this step back they could feel as if they control their own destiny. Mr. Rogers was the one that turned on the mechanical train to start his own city/day or whatever you want it to be. At the moment I captured this photo I felt connected to such a wonderful neighborhood.


One comment

  1. Rob Moses Photography · September 17, 2014

    That is one cool picture!


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