Through All of It

On a day of exploring


Perspective Behind the Struggle

Life is a crazy thing. This picture is a representation of the struggle of a success.

ISO 100


1/200 sec


Went to shoot part of a video last night and ended up with this photo. I havent looked too hard yet into what I should edit, but so far this is one of my favorites.

ISO 400



Window Lit Rooms

This photo is from a trip to San Antonio in which was memorable for my close friends and I. From going city to city, lane to lane, it is nice every once in a while to enjoy the light from a window lit room

I hope this inspires someone to see life in a different perspective. Do not get caught up in labels people have. At the end of the day whether people are painting their nails or writing we are people and we all get the same respect

ISO 800

f/ 1.8

1/50 sec